Thursday, July 19, 2012

Crazy Kids....Crazy Mom!

I have the perfect job.  It's true!  I work with a bunch of ass-kickin' women who are a ton of fun, I actually LIKE what I do, AND I get paid to be home ALL SUMMER!  Yep...that's right folks...ALL SUMMER!  Now...before I say what I am about to say, please understand that I LOVE being home in the Summer and doing all the totally awesome Summer activities that most working parents don't get to do with their kiddos...BUTT...  But there always comes a time in the Summer when I realize and remember WHY it is that I am NOT a year-round stay-at-home mama.  That reason is that I would be 100% Batshit CRAZY!  Don't get me wrong...I love the three litte men in life and the lazy mornings and trips to the pool.  But....crazy kids equal crazy mom!  It's true!  We are SUCH a sports family and now that T-ball and Softball and Baseball is over my kids suddenly have a lot more time on their hands AND a ton more energy!  They never stop!  I swear they have a secret bet going on who can use the most cups in one day (so I don't get bored and can keep busy doing dishes), who can change their clothes the most in one day (to keep me on my toes doing laundry of course), and who can drag out the most toys from the toy room to the front yard.  Taking them to Wal-Mart is a task that I do NOT look forward to and to make matters worse I recently discovered that one actually failed to mention he wasn't wearing shoes until we were getting ready to get out of the car to go in the store!  REALLY PEOPLE?!  Thank God there are plenty of moments of comic relief though.  Like yesterday...Isaiah had two toothbrushes out and ready to go with toothpaste on them.  Thankfully they BOTH were actually his (he just got an extra one from the dentist).  When I questioned him about this he explained to me that he was planning to brush BOTH sets of teeth at the same time (to save time of course) one was for the top set of teeth and one for the bottom!  DUH....why didn't I think of that!  lol...this child of mine...his outfit the past week has been shorts, no shirt, a straw hat, and SNOWBOOTS!  This is how he rolls when he is playing with his brothers and the neighbor kids.  I tried to convince him that the snowboots weren't the best choice but he wasn't hearing it! love 'em.  P.S.  They are also the reason this Mama drinks wine! :)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Little Toliet Humor...

I am writing this post from my bathroom floor.  Why?  Because my son spotted a spider recently near the potty and is now afraid to go by himself.  So...he announces this morning that he needs me to accompany me to the potty so that I can be on the lookout for spiders.  So...we sit....and we sit....and we talk...and we talk.  Something tells me he is playing this thing out!  At first I was soooo annoyed (I have a billion things to do and it's almost 10:30 AM...and not a real task has yet to be done on this lazy morning).  But...about 8 minutes into this session I start to actually pay attention to all his ramblings and remember how damn funny this kid can be!  We had the most interesting conversation about spiders....and he asked about 10 billion questions such as...."mom, spiders are really our friends...aren't they?  they are sooo like humans" "remember that bug you smooshed and then it didn't die?....I think they must have sensors in their little bodies to protect them".  This kid comes up with some interesting stuff.   I guess there was a purpose to this "potty break" this morning after remind me of the funny, amazing things that goes through my kid's head.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

These are the Days...  It hit me the other day how THESE ARE THE DAYS!!!....these are the days....right my life....when I will someday look back upon and wish so badly that I could morph myself back to where I am right at this minute...raising crazy kids, keeping up with crazy schedules, finding myself coming and going and sooo busy in this day to day life that is so chaotic and also so beautifully full of the tiny little daily events that I know so well but will soon be gone.  These are the moments of hurrying out the door to our next event or game or whatever it may be and always rushing kids and running late and being oh-so-frustrated with their constant goofy boyish antics.  These are the moments of constant reminders to wash their little hands and mind their manners and QUIT HITTING YOUR BROTHER!  These are the days that an evening alone with my hubby or a night out with the girls is something I RELISH.  These are the days that now, sometimes, feel like will never change and when, at times, I feel like just one more armpit fart from one of our precious boys will send me over the edge!  But, ultimately, these are the days that I know I will look back on with fond memories and laughs and so THIS is why I am starting this blog....because these are the days! :)